Why I Create

I create because God made us in the image of Him. He creates, so we create too!

Truth be told, how does one explain something that comes naturally?
I was driven at a young age to sew, glue, write, bake, dress well, fix my hair, decorate my surroundings, love animals, play the piano – and draw, really, to all the beautiful things of life.
I wanted to make it, to invent it, to touch it, to wear it, to be a creation that was just me. I did when I was young and I still do.

I love it when others bring things into existence and I also love to do it myself.
Creating is really extraordinary out-puts in both tangible and untouchable forms that come from the supernatural parts of us.
We cannot logically explain it away.

Every one of us is made to create in some way and some form. Every one of us.
Not all of us are gifted to create in the same ways, and this is where I think we humanoids get hung up. We get hung up in the department of sameness, comparison, and laziness. I say “sameness”, because we seem to think there are only certain areas and ways people are gifted. So we all get funneled and stuck in the few choices we have been offered. Then we found we aren’t gifted in those spots, we think we aren’t creative because we failed at what we tried.

I say comparison because comparison is the chief killer of creativity. We are all constantly comparing ourselves to someone else’s work. Then discouragement sets in. We have to know we are unique and what comes out of us is unique and should look a little different then what comes from someone else.
How many of us were told to not bother in something because we were so terrible at it? And how many of us never attempted to try anything else because the criticism we heard stuck like a barnacle on a ship’s hull?

I say “Laziness”is a factor, because if God designed us to be creators, we will automatically be set up by the devils’ to be steered away from that. The devils’ offer us all sorts of excuses and laziness is one of them. Creating takes effort and work and time, sometimes money and other resources. It also takes effort in valuing our creative time. We live in a day and age where cheap entertainment is offered at the tip of our fingers. We often live in what seems to be a constant state of exhaustion, which means we often have nothing left to give to doing our hobbies, and actively developing our gifting in how God made us to create.
Taking care of ourselves physically is also important in allowing our creative sides to breathe. This involves effort and self discipline.