This journal encapsulates a smudge and smidgen of what I’ve been learning about life.
In 1997 I was privileged to be married to the most remarkable man. The guy can do almost anything it seems, and I’m continually astonished at the way he loves me and teaches me about life. His name is Chris Behnke, and you can find out all about him and his incredible skills and talents here.
I have always wanted my career to consist of a happy marriage to a man who works in an office but can also get his hands greasy and switch out a radiator by himself. Checked that one off. No, seriously, Chris has ruined me for any other man. No one else out there could meet my standards now. In addition, I also wanted to be a mother. God blessed me with four children (two boys and two girls), and I have been busy fulfilling that dream for over twenty years.
I really feel a sense of relief when writing. Almost as if my mind gets uncomfortably full and must be emptied to carry on in a happier state. How long has paper been soaking up my thoughts in ink? A long time, since I was 15. Of course, paper will still meet with the fountain pen, but I feel compelled to share some of my mind with you here.
I have the need to write in order to understand myself better. My thoughts become a jumbled mess, and the way I sort it out is in writing. I think I will always write in a physical journal that never speaks, sharing my soul with paper that will never divulge its secrets unless it is forced too. Some need to speak it aloud verbally and some of us need to type it out.
We all read so that we can learn something new, build our libraries of knowledge, learn from each other’s mistakes, laugh, to be encouraged, and to be reminded that we are not in this alone.
This site is really just an ongoing story of one woman’s life and my desire is that you might be able to glean something from it for your own.