Wind Chimes

I love wind chimes.

It doesn’t matter if they are hollow pieces of bamboo clinking or strong metal pipes.

They are beautiful.

They tell me things when I am in the house. I can watch them move or hear them sing and dance. Their only job is to move with the unseen motion of the wind. The wind we cannot see. The chimes, laugh with the wind and dance in excitement over the quick moving breeze.

A comforting song sings the chimes. A song that tells me I am safe from the elements that are beating at my doors. That outside is a big scary place and many unknowns and they are ok with it.

Some states have twisters. And chimes may be a big warning to many to take deeper ground cover. They take no batteries, they need no polishing, they do not care about the heat of the sun or the drenching rain. They simply live to mingle and sway with a force we cannot see. And to make music as lovely as they may. They care not for friends, food, or drink and but they awaken with the kiss of winds blow.

I really love wind chimes. They make me thankful for my cozy place to curl up, for my house over my head, for the electricity thats still on! I would hang them right outside my bedroom window, but my room is on the second story. I can still hear them regardless, those pieces of steel clanking together, and they make me happy.


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