Wrapping it up

I think I’m going to start getting reusable bags to give gifts in instead of paper bags or wrapping paper.

They really don’t cost much more then a regular gift bag and sometimes less. They can be used for a lot more and stand up longer.

Besides, our law makers are starting to force us into using re usable bags anyways. I had two fellows at my front door last fall asking me to sign up to say I wanted to do away with plastic bags in my county. I asked them if this “law” they wanted passed was going to cost me money? “well, Er”.. (fumble fumble.)

Yes, when I want a bag at a store, I would be charged a penalty! I told them No! I wasn’t signing it! Then they wanted me to give them money to help pass the law that would cost me more money! Ack! ?Can they find ?better cause please? I mean these are college age guys concerned about plastic bags so much they are petitioning? (uh guys time to think through what’s really important)

So then the “Fish Wrapper” (Oregonian) shows up weeks later and the head lines say ” City Widens Plastic Bag Ban” . The Newspaper is in a plastic bag…

Oh the Irony of it all.

I didn’t order the newspaper by the way, it was gifted to us from some generous donator (in other words, we fit a desirable demographic, so they give us a free subscription) I can’t stand the liberal bias of the paper, I don’t ever read the thing. Raises my blood pressure.


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