Your clothing speaks…

How we dress, do our hair or wear accessories actually says a lot about us without saying anything at all.

It can in many ways tell you about personalities and the core make up of people.

Now I realize this isn?t always the case and it can come across as judgemental, but I can assure you I am not being high-hatted when I say that how we dress influences people?s opinions of us without really knowing us.

And we all do this. When we meet someone for the first time or watch someone walk by in an airport. When we throw fancy parties or if you’re into watching those cheesy awards shows for celebrities. When we have “get-togethers” or go shopping. We are continually viewing people in their garb and the crazier thing they wear, the more attention we give it. And we wonder from the clothing they display, who they are as a person.

Sometimes, we do judge people based upon what they are wearing. This may or may not be right. However, people often dress to get points clearly across the table. Peeps that dress in goth are making a statement. Peeps that dress scantily clad on purpose may be advertising something to others. I?ve seen people wear clothing that openly mocks Christianity or the Jewish race. Some folks dress poorly on purpose to try and present themselves as poor or not wealthy even though they may have millions in the bank. Some of us wear only organic clothing and cotton to support environmental causes. (To many of us, also do not wear deodorant; however, this is not quite clothing.)

We wear specific colors to support movements. We wear colors that support fighting cancer or having fun at 4th of July celebrations being festive on St. Patricks Day or maybe us ladies love to buy a new Easter dress. There are many ways we humans have fun with clothing and colors, and some of us have to have a reason to do it.

The husband and I are enthralled with a certain personality assessment called the Core Values Index. This is the most simple, and to the point assessment, my husband has found to identify who we are at our barest points. Knowing people?s scores on this helps us understand the people around us to a much larger degree just by them taking this simple test. The reason I bring this up is that both the husband and I look at how people dress often to help determine from afar what score they might have on the CVI.

Those that are more calculated in their clothing choices may lean more into a specific type of person than someone who is not so choosey. Some that choose bolder colors over colors that blend in perhaps are more drivers than followers. I may guess that someone who is all over the place in their outfit may not be a real organized person. A fellow who is dressed well and groomed well maybe someone who is trusted by many, including doing well at his job.

A woman who always wears a collared button-down shirt with jeans may not be huge on being creative or on people. The fellow that always wears the unique colored flannel and up to date jeans with pristine hair might be an introverted, wise man that is very careful when he is considering taking a risk.

The lady that dresses in floral prints, polka dots, and fun shoes and quite obviously enjoys the art of dress, may be a highly creative person and not care so much what others think. She may like people gatherings, or she may not.
The guy that shows up in a basic tee shirt, jeans and tennis shoes might just like people gatherings and sharing his opinions he may not care for china dishes, cologne or formal events.

Ya, we are all different, different intensities and details and sorts. You might be thinking, ?oh great. Now, this lady is going to be analyzing me every time she sees me!? That may be true, depending on how much creativeness your wearing to analyze? Ok, I?m being funny. Partly funny. One- Third funny.

So, what is the point of this post? To help us all remember that we speak so much through what we wear. That is it. Clear and simple.
As a fan of dress, I attest we speak from how we adorn by saying not one word.


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